What it is:

The iPhone 5 is obviously going to be one of the most revolutionary handsets upon its time of release. As is the case with Apple, the present iPhone 4S failed to deliver as much as it was touted to, even though it broke records and exceeded expectations. However, almost everybody was looking forward to an iPhone 5, and with hundreds of rumors, concept ideas and different type of specs being mounted on a hypothetical device, we decided to make use of our creative brains in order to come up with a probable idea about the most realistic configuration of the device. Here’s our prediction about the iPhone 5, and what it might possess:

The design

Apple has always prided itself as being one of the most advanced designers of phones. The Apple iPhone 4 was a pretty good design, and Apple showcased that it can make modifications to the device. With the next edition waiting to be released to the general public, it is obvious that design renditions will be made. In the likeliest of all scenarios, the screen size of the phone will be enhanced. It is also not beyond Apple to install the highest resolution screen panel on to this year’s device, because the Retina Display has always been one of Apple’s staple features. Also, expect an increase in the screen size at any cost. The 3.5” screen size fails to deliver now, with Samsung and other devices moving up to 5” as well. The minimum we expect is a 4.0“or a 4.3” high resolution display.

The specifications

After the release of the iPad 3, a lot of people thought that it would make use of the latest chip from Apple, which it did. However, it was an enhanced version of the A5 chip, known as A5x. There is much contemplation whether the iPhone 5 would feature the same A5x chip used in the iPad 3, or whether Apple will install and debut the A6 chip for the customers. It remains to be seen however, and this can only be found when Apple releases the official phone specs. The graphics processor on the phone might also be significantly enhanced, keeping in mind that the iPhone has also been a major trendsetter for other devices. It is probable that there would be a quad core chip inside, with a dedicated graphics engine and a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

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