Top 4 Adventures To Go On With Your Friends Across The Globe


A vacation with family is vastly different from a trip with your group. Isn't that right? And if you ask me why going with friends for Adventure holidays is so different from the typical summer

Perfect Travel Guide For First Timers To Nepal

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Nepal is not just about Hinduism or Gautama Buddha; it is also about mountains and natural arena. Being the Mount Everest star attraction, tourists from all around the world are driven here to climb, hike

Important Gadgets to Pack in a Backpack While Traveling


They are cool, they provide convenience, and they make traveling & camping a lot more fun. Yes, you’ve guessed it right: we are talking about none other than amazing travel gadgets. There is absolutely no

4 Scenic Drives Within 55 Miles Of Pittsburgh

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If you are in Pittsburgh and want to enjoy beauty with lush of greenery, mountains, beautiful foliage and rich fields?? Well, Pittsburgh has to offer some of the most picturesque drive and that too just

Get More Legroom, Reveled By Flight Attendent


When asked by people what they hate the most about air travel, they will tell you this: “The Seats”.  via GIPHY Some people face problem with the food, the hidden fees or even the other

Russian River Has Turned Blood Red And The Reason Is Horrible

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Have you ever heard the color of River water turns in bright red color. You won’t believe but this happen in Russia, Daldykan River in Russia which is near to Norilsk city turns blood red

Desperate Guy Gets A Mail Delivered By Drawing The Address

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Traveling is fun by all means! You get to see new places, new culture and get to try new food items. But the better part is, you get to see new people and make new friends.

You Wont Believe How Unreal This Zoo Is Where Wildlife Is Uncaged

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Zoo is the place where animals are caged and humans are outside! A lot of these animals are neglected and their natural habitat is taken away from them. But this zoo in China decided to do

Extravagant Life of Dubai Prince will leave you speechless

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Jumps from aircrafts, goes deep in the ocean, enjoys scuba diving, pets lions, has many sports laurel under his belt, apart from massively rich he is one good looking man. No, I am not talking

This Bridge By The Dutch Stands Against Every Law Of Physics

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We have got wonders of the world right there among us, some manmade and some natural. When nature builds something amazing it is kind of believable but when human decide to do something beyond what